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In a nutshell...

We've been doing this for a long time, and we still love it. With degrees in fine arts, visual and verbal communications - we are able to offer an array of creative services in a wide range of media. The diversity of our client base keeps us constantly inspired and we are grateful and humbled by the faith they have in our work. Check out MJ's Linked In page for referrals and more details on past employment.

We are fluent in all print and web design programs and have created everything from billboards to websites to logos and everything in between. Also on our roster is social media promotions, copywriting and project management.

In our free time we make affordable clay goods from a small pottery studio in our home and are high level volunteers for a local animal rescue where we do intake, placement and fostering. Besides our two dogs, there is always a foster animal or two snuggled up to us on the couch. 

So, in a nutshell... Freelance Marketing & Design Professional by day, clay wielding artist-type by night and constant animal rescue advocate - that about sums it up!



About MJ Squared Design

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